Difference between Marble and Porcelain Tiles: Which is best?

Difference between Marble and Porcelain Tiles: Which is best?

Are you getting your place ready? If yes, then have you made your decision regarding which kind of tiles you want? If not, then this blog will let you choose the best tiles.


Marble tiles


Marble tiles are a kind of solid rock because which it is quite heavy. It is one of the most popular stones because of its features like high quality, a wide range of colours, normal sparkle, durability and much more. Marble tiles can be used for walls, slabs, floors and whatnot. You can use marble tiles in your kitchen to enjoy a shiny and smooth finish.

People also like to have marble tiles in their bathrooms for the flooring and for shower surrounding as it is quite long-lasting. To have a luxurious look you can use marble tiles for foyers and make the people impressed. If you are a person who is looking for an elegant hallway, then what can be better than putting marble tiles?

The different types of marble tiles are Torrento marble tiles, green onyx tiles, makrana white marble tiles, dungri marble tiles, rainforest marble tiles, albeta marble tiles, kumari marble tiles, almond white marble tiles, spider green tiles, India black tiles, and many others.


Porcelain tiles


Porcelain tiles also known as ceramic tiles are usually used for walls and floors. The major producers of Porcelain tiles are China, India, Italy, Morbi, Turkey and Spain. Porcelain tiles are comparatively harder than ordinary ceramic tiles. Such kinds of tiles are widely used in the kitchen, showers and bathrooms.

Marble VS Porcelain tiles

While you are confused about choosing the best tiles, here is a general comparison between Marble and Porcelain tiles.


Marble tiles and Porcelain tiles, both are great in looking and it also comes in various colours, designs, styles and finish options.

But if you are looking for something which has more of a natural finish then choosing marble tiles would be the best idea as they consist of natural beauty.


Marble tiles are porous and so they need regular cleaning, dusting and mopping. Whereas Porcelain tiles don't require much cleaning and are quite easy to maintain as compared to marble tiles.


While you are searching for the cost of marble tiles and Porcelain tiles then this is to inform you that marble tiles are a bit expensive. But as the marble tiles are expensive they also increase the resale value so it's more of a one-time investment. So, the budget and choice are all yours to take the best decision.

Resistant to cracks

Both marble and Porcelain tiles are hardwearing but if you compare them to each other then you might find that Porcelain tiles aren't so durable and crack resistant. Whereas marble tiles have a longer life as they resist cracks.




You will need professional help in the installation of the marble tiles as well as Porcelain tiles. But marble tiles are comparatively easy to be installed rather than Porcelain tiles.


Marble tile and Porcelain tile, both are great options for you. But if you take an opinion from this blog, then you might find that marble tiles are a better option when compared to Porcelain tiles. Marble tiles are easy to install, resistant to cracks and have a natural beauty.

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