Importing tiles from India

Importing tiles from India

India has been amongst the best tiles manufacturer and in recent years, the demand for tiles has seen a great rise. While you are planning to export top-notch tiles then choosing India for the same would be a perfect option.

Indian tiles manufacturers focus more on supplying the best quality tiles, they also keep track of the high-quality packaging of the products and on-time delivery. But if you are confused regarding the process of importing tiles from India then here is a guide for you.

How to import tiles?

To import tiles from India you need to follow the steps mentioned below.

Select the best tile exporter

Selection of the tiles manufacturer and exporter plays the utmost important role in the complete process. When choosing the best tiles exporter, you should do a lot of research and look for an exporter who has a long-term experience in this field. Then you should check for the kind of technology that they use and also keep a track of their previous clients and their reviews. All these things will let you choose the best tiles exporter so make sure to follow the guidance.

Check for the products

Another important element is to check whether the products which you are looking for are available at the supplier's place or not. It might happen that you are looking for Marble tiles but the supplier only manufactures porcelain tiles and exports them. So, check that your demand matches the product availability list of the exporter or not.


As you are in another country so keeping a closer eye on the quality of the tiles might be difficult. But don't worry, this is the 21st century and everything can be made possible. Ask your supplier to show the practical quality test of the tiles on a video call so that you can decide on your purchase.

Every tile has a different feature and quality so make sure to check all kinds of tiles that you are going to import from the supplier.

Selection of the tiles

While you are sure of the company's experience, the availability of tiles and the quality of tiles they provide. You should proceed with choosing the perfect type of tile. This means that while you are buying for the bathroom you should choose a kind of tile which is not slippery. While you are choosing tiles for flooring, make sure that it is resistant to cracks and easy to maintain.

While you select the perfect tiles for the perfect arena it is also very important to focus on the designs, colours and patterns of the tiles. For example, if you want to select tiles for the walls then you might choose light colours whereas if you have to choose tiles for slabs then choosing darker shades would be a better idea.

Check terms and conditions

Before you make the payment and after you are done with the selection of tiles, this is the last step which needs to be done very carefully. While agreeing to purchase you should check the terms and conditions which might consist of several factors like the guarantee of the product, its price, delivery time and mode, payment method and many other things.


In the 21st century, technology has made things much easier. So, if you are willing to import tiles from India just go for it. But make sure to keep the above steps in mind as this guide will help you in a better and easier importing of tiles.